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Open Beta 10.06.2024

Football Mates is on Beta now!

The day has come! Football Mates is now in
Open Beta for Android and IOS!

IOS users will need to download the "Test Flight"
app before they can access the game.

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app store.png

Transfer Offers

Team captains will be able to send transfer offers to players from other teams in exchange for Gold. If the player accepts the transfer, it will be transferred to the Gold account and a certain seasonal agreement will be made with the team. If the player leaves this deal and leaves the team, 2x Gold will be automatically deducted from their account.

transfer teklifi.png
futbolcu rovasata.png


We will constantly update the game and add new features. Sounds, 3D images, different game modes...


No more gloves!

It will also be possible for the shot go away or to the post. Each shot will have a 5% chance to hit the pole or go out.

Since the game will have a defense system instead of a glove system, the goal algorithm will be created accordingly. If your Defense strength is 99, the goalkeeper will have a 99% catch rate.


There is no limit!

Since the seasonal level is important in the game, each day the training will be open at certain times and everyone will have the maximum experience points they can get.

Players who spend money will be able to collect maximum experience points in a short time, while players who do not spend money will collect the same experience points in a much longer time

Match Screen - New.png
futbolcu rovasata.png

Main Level - Season Level

Each player in the game will have 2 level systems.

One is your main character level and the other is your season level.

Your main level will never be reset. If it's your seasonal level, it will be reset every season.

Your season level will determine 65%, and your main level will determine 35% of your attack power.


Free attack with 1X!

All players will be able to press 1x unlimitedly without wasting energy. It will be 2x if you have a Silver Pass, 3x if you have a Gold Pass, and 5x if you have a Platinum Pass. Thus, there will be an activity that you can always do in the game.

futbolcu rovasata.png

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